There’s an elite group of preschools that are so successful they provide the highest quality of care and education to their children all while turning over healthy profits year on year.

These schools no longer worry about:

➩ Finding great teacher (because teachers find them)
➩ Being swamped with data-management (they spend more time with children and teacher)
➩ Keeping up to date with new legislation (because keeping your staff up to date is time consuming)
➩ Keeping in touch with prospective parents manually (because knowing your enrolment figures for the next year allows them to make better decisions)

What do these preschools have in common?

They have implemented systems and processes (that run in the background) that help run their schools so they have more screen-free time with their children.

If you’re constantly trying to find ways to run your school more effectively but don’t have the time or resource to implement your ideas…

If you’re worried about how Universal Pre-K or the 30-Hour Free Childcare will effect your school …

If chasing up parents for consent (and required state) forms and it takes too much of your time…

Then you’re not alone;

GREAT NEWS: You Can Change The Status Quo!

I’m looking to work with Private, Franchise and Not-for-profit preschool owners:

➩ Who want to improve enrolment & referral rates
➩ Who want to take back time spent on administration and record keeping
➩ Who want to turn over £2M+ per school

For a limited time, I’m offering a FREE (45 minute) personalised strategy session for your preschool.

Take advantage and get in touch now.

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